Diddie Collection

Introducing the Diddie Collection and the story behind it all:


Firstly, we want to start by saying that we understand Breast Cancer Awareness Month can be triggering for some people, with pink everywhere and constant reminders. That’s okay. Take your time. This blog will be here when you return, and then you can see what the Diddie Collection is all about. We hope it makes you feel supported and empowered when you’re ready to read it.

Here is a great explanation of just that by Dr Liz O’O'Riordan

As a female-led brand, we wanted to explore this topic further and help make a difference. It was important for us as a brand to discuss this, spreading awareness to encourage people to check themselves for signs of cancer. We want to empower those fighting with our latest collection, The Diddie Collection.

Inspiring people:

With this blog, we aim to bring wider attention to taboo topics and share some inspiring pieces of advice from survivors, activists and surgeons.

Former breast cancer surgeon, Dr. Liz O'Riordan, suggests regular aerobic and resistance training for those currently having treatment. When she was diagnosed 8 years ago (at age 40), she wished the volume of women exercising through treatments were as high as they are now and that “Cancer-related fatigue is real.” 


 Dr Liz O'Riordan also often discusses how women's sex drives are affected after being diagnosed with breast cancer. "Breast cancer surgery can have a crushing effect on body image and self-esteem, while drugs to treat tumours can bring on menopause, shut down libido and make sex uncomfortable. Despite this, intimacy is rarely, if ever, discussed during medical consultations. Perhaps women are too afraid, or too embarrassed to mention it." It is so important we talk about these topics, and Dr Liz O’Riodan approaches these discussions in a compassionate, information led way.


Breast cancer survivor, Dani Trops, also has plenty of tips that can be found on her Instagram highlights. She’s learned a lot of information from the book 'Pretty Sick' about how to take care of her hair during chemo.


Taking the power out of cancer:

With 1 in 7 women developing cancer in their lifetime (Breast Cancer Now, 2023), we must support and empower those fighting, taking the power out of cancer. FUCK cancer, it doesn’t define us. This is the attitude of the strongest and most empowering community and the attitude we need to continue to embrace.

If 1 in 2 of us will get cancer in our lifetime, we need to start normalising healthier conversations around the word CANCER; its signs and symptoms. Cancer doesn't discriminate, no matter what age you are, where you come from or what diet you're on.

With 55,000 women in the UK being diagnosed with breast cancer every year (Breast Cancer Now, 2023) we must check our breasts regularly. In the past 40 years, the survival of breast cancer patients has doubled! This is thanks to step-by-step checks, treatments, care and faster diagnosis.



 Written by Clara-Fiz