About Us

Dainty Thrills jewellery brand was born because Gillian, the founder wanted to build a platform on social media with likeminded people that don’t take life too serious, while creating unique designs that are inclusive to everyone.

We show realness as it’s important to us, customers love to see honesty more than anything. 

It’s not just a jewellery business, we talk about representation, sustainability and safe working conditions. Gillian’s working background began in the social media marketing sector so she found a gap in the market to also bring in her Irish humour when appropriate. 

5% of our jewellery profits go to charity organisations we believe in. We’ve raised over £1000 for people in poverty, mental health, breast cancer awareness and research charities.

There’s no other brand out there like Dainty Thrills, we have a progressive mission and won’t stop until everyone is accepted.